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Science I Don't Understand

Posted Nov 03 2008 9:03pm

I am working on understanding more about the IRS III v. Head Start II protocols, and how Vivienne's treatment fits in. No longer in a panic about it, I am just endeavoring to continue to be as educated as possible.

I have found an incredible resource in Your Cancer Family's Forums, where there is an incredible wealth of support and education. I have asked for information to aid my understanding, and have received the promise of material and assistance.

In addition, an interesting study was brought up that apears to have generated incredible results for brain tumor children, including for AT/RT in which all three of the patients studied achieved long-term survival. While the information remains a little over my head, it seems to be something we can pray becomes available down the line for Vivi. This (apparently) peer-reviewed research, called Dendritic Cell-Based Solid Tumor Vaccination, seems to be hot right now. One of the doctors studying it is Dr. Johannes Wolff at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.

So, I have made a promise to myself not to run in circles exhausting my brain worrying about all of this stuff. I could drive myself completely crazy if I do that. Instead, I will take treatment one day at a time, pray for results one step at a time, and try to gain education in a controlled, realistic, measured manner.

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