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Revenge of the big toe

Posted Feb 21 2009 11:36pm
Day 113

Today was going to be short and sweet with just two appointments ahead of us and nothing else on the horizon. After a long week of appointments stacked on top of each other it would have been nice to have a day to rest and regroup. I was so very wrong. I had to have blood drawn to be sent to one of the cord banks that's holding a cord for me. They need to verify for themselves that the cord does indeed match me. The other cord bank has already verified that the cord that they are holding is suitable for me.

Following the blood draw, I had an appointment with the in house dentist to get a check up. Let me first say that my dentists in Baton Rouge are absolutely amazing and I have been going to Premiere Dental Care for eleven years. I ended up waiting for half an hour before I was shown into a room. I waited one and a half hours in the chair. I am not joking. Chris had to talk me out of walking out. The dental oncologist examined my mouth and teeth and told me exactly what I knew he would. My teeth were fine. He said that the restoration work was exceptional, so kudos to Drs. Toi and Cyndi. He proceeded to tell me what I needed to do during my CBT and then he did something that shocked me. He pulled out a box of junior mints and told me that I should eat these during my confinement to help with my bad breath--After a transplant, you either smell like creamed corn or olives. It oozes out of your skin and manifests in your breath. Fun. This is the first time that a dentist has prescribed candy to me.

We had just enough time to drive across town to make my podiatry appointment. I was just going in to have my big toe looked at with strict orders that the podiatrist was only supposed to do the least invasive procedure to fix the problem. Didn't happen. After consulting with Dr. Alousi, Dr. Oliver decided that I needed to have surgery on both big toes and it was going to happen today. To clarify things, I've had problems with ingrown toenails since I was six. I've had surgery to correct the problem on both toes before. It did fix the problem on one side of each toe. Dr. Oliver performed the same surgery today. It is the most disgusting thing that I can imagine watching. First the doctor uses a scalpel to score the length of the nail, then they use a chisel to sever the nail from the toe. After this, they pull the fragment out and apply phenol to the area where the toe was originally growing. This is to cauterize the area and kill the nail. Yummy. So here I sit with both toes bandaged to within an inch of looking like Flintstone feet.

After all of this, we had to go to the drugstore to pick up supplies. On the way back to the apartment, I was eating a candy bar and just happened to look at it and saw that the nougat was a strange green color. I couldn't decide on whether I should tell Chris and started freaking out because the candy bar was rancid and I'd already eaten part of it. Before I completely lost it, I looked at the label and saw a picture of Shrek. It turns out that the candy bar was part of a special promotion and the nougat was green on purpose. Silly me. Chris was laughing so hard he had trouble breathing when I told him what I did.

Finally, our friend Anand flew in from Los Angeles for a visit. It was really nice to see him and it gave us a chance to catch up on what everyone was up to.
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