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Revealing the wheel-like structure of the centrosome matrix

Posted Jul 31 2012 4:27pm

July 12, Science reported the latest progress of the wheel-like structure of the centrosome matrix,which have laid a solid foundation for us to understand many mitotic abnormalities related diseases: such as tumors and certain genetic diseases of karyotypic abnormalities.

The centriole and the matrix are essential for the formation of cilia, flagella and the centrosome. The Centriole and matrix appear in an characteristic  nine-fold symmetry wheel-like structure that contains a series of SAS-6 protein ring.

The researchers used cryo-electron tomography study the particularly long wheel structure offlagellate Trichonympha. It was found that the wheel is a central ring with a stack 8.5 nm vertical periodicity , which can accommodate 9 SAS-6 protein homodimer. Spoke-like structure exudes from two such rings and links to form a layered structure with a 17 nm vertical periodicity, encircling around the wheel-like structure of the edge.

As a result, the researchers revealed the centrioles and nine-fold symmetry wheel structure of the matrix ,by the convenience of biodiversity.
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