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Retinoblastoma - Eye Cancer - Treatment in Bangalore

Posted Mar 19 2010 4:25am

Retinoblastoma- is an eye cancer that forms in the tissues of the retina with a central location on the eye or eyes and the disease occurs most commonly in younger children before the age of five.

The disease is an aftermath of mutation changes in gene called the retinoblastoma (Rb or RBI).   In evolution eye retinoblast cells have a major role, initial stages of eye development the retinoblasts   cell divide into new cells and fill retina .After a certain period the replica of cell terminates and the retina cells get matured. But in the Retinoblastoma patient the cell replication process goes on exponentially leading to the development of the cancer.

Most of the cases who owe this disease from hereditary, they should consider genetic counseling before having children. After the infant birth of the infected couples should consult doctors for ensuring that baby don’t have the disease.

Vydehi institute of Oncology has been treating children suffering from retinoblastomas - a curable malignancy of the eye in children. Most of these children are at present referred from the Sankara eye hospital, Bangalore. According to Dr.M.S.Ganesh, Head of Oncology centre, a formal tie up has been proposed and is under way. The treatment which is highly effective has been made very affordable for the children, thanks to the policy of subsidized treatment for children approved by the Director of VIMS - Mrs.D.A.Kalpaja.



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