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Results, results and…more…results!!!!!

Posted May 26 2010 12:00am

Okay, I admit, I was beginning to flip out about the bloody test result delay. Last night, for example, a silly incident set me off: my kitten, Pinga, has a bad sore throat, poor dear…the vet prescribed antibiotics. No problem, we thought. She will be the easy one, we thought. Hah. Last night she pig(cat)headedly refused to take her pill in any way, shape or form. And, after she stubbornly walked away from our umpteenth attempt to administer the crushed pill in a yummy morsel format, I had a sort of meltdown. Pinga was the icing on my stress cake, I guess. Luckily, my meltdown didn’t last long…

And even more luckily, the wait is over. A big fat envelope was sitting peacefully in my mailbox today…it didn’t even apologize or look the least bit contrite for having shown up so bloody late…! Surprisingly, my hands didn’t shake at all as I went to my computer to compare these tests with my previous ones. I didn’t even miss a heartbeat as I opened the envelope. I was in complete and utter control, ready for anything, good or bad…

Okay, comparing these results to my December 2009 set, my total IgGs have gone , from 3410 to 3360 mg/dL…not much, that is true, but hey, even the slightest slide in a downward direction makes me happy. My other Igs are still holding their own…my brave little troupers! :-)

My M-spike is slightly up, but only an itsy bitsy bit: this bit of news is less comforting, but, after all, it is still less than 3 g/dL. Can’t complain. I will push it down again.

Going down the list in order, now. My white cells have gone down but only a fraction of a fraction and are still within the reference range. My red cells have actually gone up a tiny bit and are thus well established within the normal range. Hemoglobin is 13,1 (down just a drop compared to December’s 13,5). Hematocrit is more or less the same. My platelets went up from 264 to 291, though. Good.

Total protein: slightly down. It was 9,9 in December and now it is 9,8 g/dL. Every little bit counts! Beta-2 microglobulin: was 2,7 in December, now is 2,6 mg/L. Holding steady! My CRP (C-reactive protein) has also decreased a bit: from 0,29 to 0,23. Creatinine also slightly down, which is good. Uric acid: down a fraction…from 5,0 to 4,7. And now for an increase…a slight increase in my albumin, which is good…my albumin/globulin ratio is now heading toward the normal range. Not quite there, yet, but going in the right direction!

And here is more good news: my free light chains have improved…A LOT. My kappas have dropped considerably and my lambdas are up, which means that my kappa/lambda ratio is still a bit high, but not AS high as it has (always) been. The ratio has gone down almost 38 points…now, I am not an FLC expert by any means, but I am quite sure that that is good. According to the Binding Site interpretation chart, I am still “MGUS with BM suppression.” Ah, how I would love to be MGUS BM suppression…but okay, one can’t have everything!

Ah, one more thing. I am going to stop taking vitamin D for a while…both of my vitamin D results are above the normal range! But, yaaay, my parathyroid hormone is now smack in the middle of the normal range…! Super!

Stefano told me that he is going to uncork a bottle of spumante this evening…good idea! I think we need to celebrate the fact that I am still …oh by the way, after these good results, ashwagandha has been promoted to Vice President of my basic protocol (curcumin and fish oil). Curcumin, naturalmente, has been confirmed as President…

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