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Remnants of his nature Yinhen quietly practicing

Posted Apr 16 2013 2:36am
Remnants of his nature Yinhen quietly practicing to Dacheng, this win now "Creepy Bazaar" Jiuye bankrupt, to say that someone can win him the possibility of minimal. sunglass indifferent smile: ghost Gun "has nothing to do with Xiongtai loss earned, but I just want to bet on a Bale Xiongtai may be willing to fight? If it wins, this side Horcruxes Xiongtai as possible to take it." laughed: "This the 'ghost Fearless' Horcruxes worthless, but I was not too greedy, not very concerned." he his eyes were a turn and landed on that as thieves generally do not live peek "Nine body of the Lord "Dragon Fire, hearts cry sneer, suddenly these two seen as a woman to succeed lecher." two idiots red beauty blinded by the creepy ginger kids. "ghost Gun squinted slightly, the hearts of the two under the decision since the idiots, they are also two big fish, that not a Horcrux can not satisfy his appetite sunglass hell Lingyun a squinting, without a word looks like, where not understand his mind, indifferent smile, turned to face the fire, Long said: "Big Brother, then black gold card one with" Dragon Fire is from time to time to peek at that side of the trunk is not far from the "Jiuye Unexpectedly, sunglass, heart, such as drums, and did not think about, it will be in the hands of black gold cards handed in the past. sentence shift he scared into a cold sweat. "soul can not satisfy your appetite, then a black gold card ever enough? "Dragon Fire was shocked, grabbed sunglass sleeves, went over and whispered:" Young, you could there playing me? superb guy gambling skills you than over? here is not stars than trials, even if you have the means useless, did not reach the heavenly realm, you simply touch less than this earth strength trick, the past re-skill gambling skills to use them is not handy, a black gold card , but on my master's, lost me how to master accountable ah. "Dragon Fire suffered a straight face, sunglass laughed and patted his shoulder Fuer whisper, but a moment, the dragon fire turn worry for hi, and looked weird. ghosts Lingyun has refused to take so many, of a collection of contemporary folding fan, Di loudly: "Well, I reckon, here is 'Creepy bazaar', rakugo regretless, lose, we can not blame others. "sunglass said:" Someone else is natural does not complain, but this gambling law have to be for me to, and how? "ghost the Lingyun finally cited two big fish bait, a black gold card, what is the concept, I'm afraid with a king card open, he can become today's eight large doors, one Maha were apprentice, always, only the generation of talent aspect or repaired to within a hundred years "Jingwei" level youth Toshihiko be possible to be included in the eight bulk door arm of this ghost Lingyun one hundred two of the older, still is the heavenly realm, seeing the White eight bulk door hopeless, and now suddenly come to the party a good thing, black gold king card open, no worries about eight large doors today do not accept everything from the get you! "ghost Lingyun long-sleeved wave very spiritedly said:" As long as you win in this table all your all natural capsule Dragon Soul Ring. "well, I do not and you more than anything else, and you than guess the size, you Lianyao three times and every time I can accurately guess
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