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Posted Jan 05 2010 5:59am

Yesterday I saw an interview with Raymond Kurzweil, an inventor, entrepreneur and musician. Maybe the brand-name Kurzweil synthesizers sounds familiar.

Apart from a number of incredible inventions he did, text to speech, by which blind people are able to “read” books, this man has an incredibly sharp vision for the future. It would go a little too far to talk here about singularity, the wiki is probably a better vehicle for that.

All comes down to the fact that  Nanotechnology will take care of the fact that every 10 years computer-chips will be 100 times smaller. So it’s not unthinkable that chips the size of a blood-cell can be put in the blood to repair the immune-system.  And thus repair the flaws that makes us and others so ill. In 2050 this will be a real thing. Too bad I was born just a little too early….

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