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Regarding fitness and wellness f ...

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm
Regarding fitness and wellness for cancer patients, I want to add an experience that happened yesterday.

This last week was so busy for me. I stayed home to finish up some homework before class and it made me miss my usual Monday morning workout. As I have said before, a good hard workout can do wonders for a person. It can take a tired, depressed and negative thinking individual and, in less than an hour, turn that person into their old self again.

And I missed it a lot.

Wednesday morning, I awoke with a stabbing pain in my right flank that felt (I kid you not) as if I had a knife stuck in my lower back. As I rolled over to get up, my back jabbed me and it brought out an audible groan that made Glenda roll over and look to see if something was wrong.

Seems to me she does that a lot since the diagnosis. She tells me she rarely sleeps through the night. Poor thing probably hasn't had a full night of sleep since that terrible day in November 2006. The slightest sound from me and she's wide awake and looking to me to make I am all right. I am usually asleep so I don't even know she's watching me.

Every morning when I wake up, I roll onto my belly and raise up on to my hands and knees. This is the easiest way for me to get up as it hurts less. It is also my chance to stretch my back muscles and loosen up after being stretched out all night. Surprsiing how inflexible one gets during the night.

So, on Wednesday morning I hurt like heck.

I was going to stay home and nurse the pain hoping it would ease up but rethought it and got up to head for the sweat factory. i am glad I did too because within a half hour of arriving, the pain was gone.

I finished the workout by doing 15 minutes on the rowing machine (lordy does that stretch the back muscles), getting my heart rate up to about 100. The low end of my heart rate is at 122 and, since I was sweating like apig, I was pleased  with how I felt.

The pain was gone for the rest of the day...until Friday morning.

The pain was there again when I woke up. Danged side hurt like hell as I knelt and stretched, Glenda watching me all the while. OnceI got on my feet, she was ableto go back to sleep while I made the coffee.

That stinking pain would not stop as I checked my email and browsed Facebook. It made me angry. I do that a lot, you know.

So, coffee in hand, I went and showered and got dressed to workout. I am glad I did because we kicked that nasty old pain to hell and gone and it has not returned since. 

First thing I did after weighing in (209) wasgrab a half ball and set it on the floor. I sat down in front of it and slowly leaned back onto the soft rubber and as I leaned back and arched my back over the ball, I felt the back muscles constricting.

As I posted the other day, the weaker front muscles force the back muscles to work much harder than they should. Apparently mine were way tighter than they needed to be so when I layed back so they could relax, they actually hurt.

As I layed on that ball like a deadman, I imagine eeryone looking at the old man in the corner out of the corners of their eyes at me wondering if I would be able to get up. Wondered that myself after a few seconds.

Meanwhile, my back let off a few soft snap, crackles and pops as the muscles let loose. It felt so good to feel the tension fade away.

This morning when I awoke, the pain was nowhere to be felt. Front and back muscles feel relaxed and pain free. Can't express how good it feels to not hurt after two years of constant pain.
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