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Red Blood Cell Count Still Low

Posted Oct 05 2009 10:03pm 1 Comment
Remember two weeks ago, my red blood cell count was 9.8 (should be 12 to 15) and so they gave me an Aranesp injection to bring it up?

And they also suggested that I eat things like spinach and beans and liver? Yum! Which I did.

Last Thursday, when I got Super Chemo, I asked what my red blood cell count was. My nurse gave me the printout from my labwork. Sort of expected it to be up -- but the red blood cell count did not go up. The red blood cell count was 9.7.

Maybe it would have gone further DOWN had I not had the injection.

I have not really noticed any symptoms except on Friday I cut my finger, and it took a few minutes of applying pressure and elevating my hand above my head to get it to stop bleeding.

Turns out, I can get this Aranesp injection every three weeks if I need it. But I can have beans and spinach and liver (yum) more often than that.

I better surf the web and find out what else is good to eat for iron. I don't want to wear out these favorites. That is what I do: find a new favorite and eat it too often till I get to the point where I never want to see or smell it again. Broccoli. Salmon with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts. Cream of Wheat, oh it was YEARS before I could eat Cream of Wheat again!

Oooh, we booked the cruise and started looking at shore excursions! That was fun!
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Diet is extremely important.Try this to increase your platelet count.

Do not eat citris, cranberries, garlic, tomatoes, onion. Do not drink quinine which is in tonic water. No lemonade or cirtis drinks.

I have a friend that has been seeing a doctor for months. They were prepared to do surgery to take out his spleen. He has been on steroids for months and as the doctor weaned him off to a lower dose his platelets would drop.

In one week of avoiding those foods and drinks his platelets increased from 80,000 to 120,000....almost 40,000.

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