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Posted Dec 08 2012 3:47pm
I need to admit to a bit of foolishness before I do anything else. I fully expected to be back at work on Monday. In fact, I planned on it. How hard could it be to recover from having part of your tongue taken out?

I survived a cord blood transplant, PTLD, a bone marrow transplant, and multiple bouts of graft versus host disease. This was supposed to be a walk in the park comparatively speaking. 

Turns out a partial glossectomy hurts more than you'd imagine. I spent all of Thursday trying to recover from the anesthesia that was administered to me for the procedure. My kind surgeons prescribed hydrocodone in liquid form which takes the edge off of the pain and puts me to sleep. They also prescribed a viscous lidocaine "swish" which is the consistency of partially set gelatin and next to impossible to actually swish around in my mouth with an open wound. I'm supposed to use it to coat my tongue before eating. Since I still can't eat, it's not really a problem.

The combination of not being able to eat and being high on painkillers means I'm out of commission for the next week. When I'm feeling more human, I'll write a bit more about this newest experience with cancer. Until then, know that I'm mending, the cats are keeping me company, and Chris is doing an excellent job of making sure that I take it easy and am behaving.
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