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Random Tuesday Thoughts: Sigh. F#$%^&*g gardens

Posted Jul 20 2010 12:00am

Vacations are for rest and relaxation, right?  Sigh.  Not this one.  I'm on vacation this week.  My gardens (which I HATE, just so ya know) are atrocious, to say the least.  I've been ignoring them, hoping they will magically weed, prune, trim themselves.  Sigh.  They haven't.  So, this week, while I'm on vacation, I'm out there, weeding, pruning, trimming, all by my lonesome.  (note!  Dani is helping me... and I didn't even ask her!!)

Just so ya know, I did take before pictures of everything.  And I'll be taking after pictures and do a blog post about it next week, after I recover.

** Note:  Dani and took a little ride to Home Depot today.  We are now tearing up the walkway and replacing the walkway with new stone pavers and mulch.  I think this is a temporary fix.  What we WANT to do will cost over $500... this one will be a bit over $100.  But it's one hell of a sight better than the mess my ex did with it about 10 years ago.                          

When I was married, my ex LOVED gardens.... loved to look at them. Every year, he'd get out there, make them a little bit bigger. "Go to Home Depot", he'd say.  "Get plants, get flowers, get mulch.... lots and lots of mulch.  Oh and when you get back, plant them and cover them with mulch. I dug the gardens out bigger for you.  I'm going to go play golf now.  See ya."  @#$%^&*  (and I wonder why I was SO upset when the cheating bastard left me)  

So, now I'm stuck with all these gardens THAT I HATE.  They are terribly overgrown, full of grass where there should not be grass, azaleas and rhododendrons that have gotten way out of hand.  

Twenty years ago, we planted these nice little trees called hybrid poplars.  They were little 3 foot long twigs that were $5 each.  (note:  don't EVER buy hybrid poplars!!  no matter how cheap they are!!!) My next door neighbor talked us into buying them.  They are now monster trees.  The root system has grown above the ground.  Anywhere the lawn mower has hit them, new offshoots appear.  Today, at Home Depot, I FINALLY found a sealer for them!  So, I'll be hacking them off and spraying this sealer over them , and hopefully, they won't grow back.  The root system has also grown under my driveway and is making my driveway lumpy.  

There's no way I can pay to get rid of them, although I'd love to.  I do pray for Mother Nature to take care of it for me.  And if she does, if the one tree will fall on my house, I need a new roof.  $500 for a new roof (my deductible) is far better than the $6,000 it'll cost for a new one.

So this week, I'm pulling and hacking and chopping and digging and measuring and lifting and mulching and in my spare time, I'm cleaning and laundry and bathrooms and vacuuming, etc.  If anyone says I'm not working out, they can bite me.

OH!!!  And this is my 400th post!!!  You're allowed to have a bitch session for a 400th posts, right?  If not, bite me again!

Go see Keely at The Un Mom , read some of the randomness from other folks.  You can even give it a try yourself!  Go over, grab the button, link your random stuff to Keely's blog and you might even find some new friends!

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