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Radio - Sky - Global News !

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:34pm
Kate was there at 8.30am with a taxi to take us, Martin, Catherine and I, to the radio studio. The boys had decided they would rather have a lie in - lazy toads.

As usual Kate was really concerned about how I was feeling, making sure I was ok and felt up to the day ahead. I knew little about PR work before I met the girls Charlotte, Kate and Heather from RedHealth. The only impressions I had of the job was of the 'Absolutely Fabulous' kind - and that couldn't be further from the truth. They have all worked so hard on this campaign and have been so kind and considerate to me and my family. They are all a credit to the company they work for.

Ive never been to a radio station before so had no idea what to expect, but I did expect it to be busy and bustling with a lot of people there. It wasn't. In fact we were the only ones there apart from the producer and the man who twiddled the knobs and made everything happen. We sat in the main reception area which was very plush with big squashy sofa's and coffee and croissants and the papers and waited until my first 'slot' which was to be at just after 9am.

The list of interviews I was to do was a bit daunting - actually it was blooming scary - 11 altogether. And 4 of them 'live' (eekk!!) All were for local radio stations and covered the country from Jersey to the north east and Wales.

A few minutes before the first interview was due to start I was shown into a teeny room with a desk, a set of headphones and one of those big microphones that hang down in front of your mouth. One side of the room was a huge window into the room next door where all the technical stuff was, a long desk of knobs and buttons and screens and the producer sat and could talk to me. And at the back of this room sat Martin, Catherine and Kate - grinning at me like Cheshire cats!

I put the headphones on - and waited, my heart thumping away. I'm sure they must have been able to hear it next door. All of a sudden a voice in my ears said 'Hello Jane' - and we were off.

The morning passed in a blur of me chatting to various DJ's from up and down the country about the kidney cancer awareness campaign, Jane's Journey and the signs and symptoms and importance of early diagnosis. My early fears melted away and I found it much easier than I expected - really enjoyable - I think I must have a face for radio!

I had a couple of breaks during the morning and was allowed out of my 'cupboard' for a coffee and it was during one of these that Kate told me 'Jane's Journey' had been rolling news on Sky News all morning - and I had missed it !! We found it online and watched it. What a brilliant piece Eleanor had done. It was everything and more we could have hoped for - and on Sky rolling news!

Just after 1pm and we had finished. The pains in my legs and exhaustion I now felt, I think I had been running on adrenaline up to then, drove us back to the hotel where I took to bed for a rest. Martin and the boys went out to explore the West End, Catherine stayed to keep an eye on me.

We had an early dinner, caught the train, and were back home by 10pm. It had been a long couple of days - but so enjoyable for all of us. Most important of all I felt I had done my very best in representing kidney cancer patients in raising awareness of this horrible disease.

Early the next morning the press/media coverage started to come in - the following are just a few that were aired/published.

Sky News

Lack Of Awareness About Kidney Cancer In The UK: Sufferer Stars In Short Film About The Disease - Sky News Video Player

'Jane's Journey' makes it onto a US news station!!

Ebru News Kidney Cancer On The Rise

And my local news paper....

Birmingham Mail - News - Birmingham News - Selly Oak nurse's battle with kidney cancer to be watched by millions
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