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question about blood work CBC

Posted by nicoled849

Hello, I am a 28 yr old female with history of past (although controlled now) autoimmune hepatitis that I was diagnosed with at age 7. Given that I had my spleen removed at age 11. Since then I have been relatively healthy although I do have joint connective tissue issues as well likely a part of my immune system being awry. I had a child a year and a half ago, and had been fine since. Since having him I went from my normal weight of 180 (I am 5 ft 6 in) to 135 lbs. This has not been done intentionally although I do take medication for anxiety that causes me to have decreased appetite. However over the last two months it is not just a decreased appetite I literally feel naseaus at the idea of food. It is not possible that I am pregnant. Because of my weight loss, overall fatigue etc. I went and had a routine CBC done. I picked up the labs myself (I have been seeing these since age 7). My basophil count is at 4%. My family doctor called and said this isn't concerning but I am wondering if it is. Because of my past immune system issues I looked online and my symptoms are referencing CML. Chronic Myleiod Leukemia (sp?) I see my liver doctor tomorrow and am taking test results in but is this even something to be concerned about. If my mind could be put at ease, or if I should prepare myself for my doctor to be concerned i would greatly appreciate any advice. I have compared past blood work and have never had elevations in basophils. I also have a monocyte count of 16%, but that has run high typically due to the connective tissue issues I have (which include inflammation in joints, and fatigue). I should mention if I didn't already that I take adderall (which I do attribute to the weight loss) but not the significant changes in literally not being able to eat because of being so sick feeling.) Thanks so much in advance.
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