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Prostate Cancer, Sexual Dysfunction and Depression

Posted Feb 19 2011 12:00am

For many prostate cancer survivors, prostate cancer treatment can cause depression due to  sexual dysfunction and the disruption of couples' intmacy.

This kind of depression applies especially to survivors with ED or a low libido who discover that various penile rehabilitaiton pills, potions and devices are singularly unhelpful.

Depression after loss of sexual function is quite understandable, but it need not be a permanent fixture in your life. 

There are several ways to snap out of feeling "down" about your life when confronted by ED and a low libido.

One way is to look into a prosthesis, aka, a penile implant. That is a good option to consider, to regain your sense of lost manhood that may be at the root of your depression.

When medically prescribed pills, potions and devices don't work, another really helpful way out of depression due to sexual dysfunction is to rethink what sexuality and intimacy are all about.

If you're depressed after prostate cancer or some other illness because of sexual dysfunction, it's still possible for you to get some degree of uplift. But first you need to  acknowledging that you, like the rest of us, have NOT lost the capacity to be gratified in various ways, even if intercourse is hard to come by - pardon the pun!

I refer to the kind of gratification we can get through our physical-emotional-spiritual responsiveness, when we get in touch - literally and figuratively, with someone we cherish. I'm talking about the likelihood that even if you are severely depressed because you've lost penile sensitivity, you are still a sensual human being who can derive pleasure at every level from touching the warm, often naked body of someone you care for.  And if they reciprocate, so much the better!

Sure, it's never the same once we have had a radical prostatectomy (in my case), or radiation (in the case of others), and nerve-sparing did not help us "get it up" again, or worse. But there's a lot more to intimacy than penile activity. Of course you first have to realize this to the depth of your being, not simply because someone like me says so.

It's important for professonals to help offset the chagrin of men and women confronted by adverse side effects of prostate cancer side and other illnesses. That's why I've become a healthcare eductor and intimacy coach during the  past four years, since I retired from the active rabbinate.

I've also guided folks through my conducting informative, upbeat  telseminars and webinars. It's not enough to say, "Get over it - others have done so before you!"  You need sustained guidance from people who have been there before you to help you through.

If you or your spouse or partner is experiencing sexual issues due to prostate cancer or other illness, I urge you to attend my free webinar, "How to Get Back Your Sexual Mojo and Reignite Your Passion," on Tuesday, February 22, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. Visit this page to learn more and register today. 

My heart goes out to those who are severely depressed because they have lost sexual functions while in their 40's, 50's, 60's or older. But I implore those of you who find yourselvces burdened in such a way, not to resign from life.

Your passion about your plight can yet be transmuted to a passion for living and loving in almost every way possible. Trust me, once you revised your outlook, and see life differently, even if you've endured the plight of biochemical castration, you can reignite your passion.

So many men and their spouses and partners  have learned to regain sexually fulfilling lives with the guidance of sex therapists or  intimacy coaches like me. 

I urge you folow suit. If you are in the doldrums, and are severely depressed, seek the help you need to regain the passion you have lost. So many others have managed to do so, after trying to "regroup". You should do no less. Join me February 22 to learn How to Get Back Your Sexual Mojo and Reignite Your Passion.

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