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Posted Jan 11 2009 12:00am

Propositum: intention, declaration, purpose, theme of discourse. 
I am inspired by Dr. Bruce Friedman and his Lab Soft News blog to create my blog as a "business intelligence blog" for practicing "working stiff" pathologists (like me).  First, I am keenly interested in how to integrate my practice of pathology into other specialties, especially oncology and surgery.  We as a profession must at least be aware of how what we do fits into the overall scheme of patient care and how other clinicians use (and abuse) the information that we provide.  So some of my posts will be from the parallel universes of other specialties.  Second, another interest is bringing a systems theory mindset into daily practice.  We must be as conversant about the genetics of a tumor as its microscopic description as well as understand the treatment implications of the diagnoses that we make and the administrative and public policy decisions that affect research and practice.  Third, we need to incorporate Lean manufacturing thinking and techniques into practice because, honestly, we must be as efficient as possible to keep up with "the daily sign-out" and maintain the highest level of quality and, I daresay, the joy in serving and intellectual curiosity in our practice wherever that might be.  "The daily sign-out" should never be a grind or mere drudgery!  Finally, the pace of discovery is only exceeded by the volume of information.  Much of pathology literature seems redundant, ill-conceived, and/or tentative and I have been around enough to have wasted my time reading junk papers.  This is my attempt to pursue, pierce and probe for new or thought-provoking information that I can use now--and share that we my readers.  gratias ago tibi.

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