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Post-its and progress

Posted Feb 06 2013 10:04pm
So, here’s where the writing was last Tuesday.
My plan was to show you how it looked this morning, but Wordpress is playing me up something rotten, so I’ll put the photo on facebook, but for now…. there are a LOT more post its. So much so that when I go in to the studio there is an eerie light, not unlike the sky before a snowstorm, caused by the day coming through all of those bits of pink and green and yellow paper.
I should hit 50,000 words by the end of today. I haven’t counted the post-it notes. (I’m saving that for an afternoon when I’m supposed to be working but my brain won’t play.)
Writing this book is an interesting experience. ‘Surrounded By Water’ was written in smallish (5,000 wordish) chunks, which I then polished and primped and sent out to my readers, with questions which might have been as simple as ‘are you interested enough to keep reading’ or as specific as ‘do you think it would be more appropriate if x person does this, or that, next’.
‘Breaking Bread’ hasn’t been read by anyone yet, because I’m working through it and it’s changing all the time. People are changing names and professions, families growing or shrinking as the story ripens and deepens. (A lot of those post it notes are reminders of these changes.) When I get to the end of the first pass, I will go back and start at the beginning again, making the whole into – well, a whole.
I’m very happy with what’s happening – the fact that the story has got to where it is without stalling or breaking, the fact that my brain is fizzing and buzzing, make me feel as though I’m on to something. (I even have post-its by my bed. I wake up in the night and scribble down things like ‘What does Bettina do when she comes back from seeing Alice?’ and ‘one of those watches where you can see the workings through the glass.’)
Happy, stretching, scary days here. I hope your world is one you like, too.
(It’s taken the best part of twenty-four hours and several workarounds to get this post up. If I go quiet for a while, it’s because there’s behind-the-scenes wordpress wrangling going on. If you are a wrangler of Wordpress, you could drop me an email at bah (at) bahtocancer (dot) com – don’t leave a comment, because they’re not working – I really need some help.)
January 31, 2013
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