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Post christmas let down and chemo

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:56am
I hope everyone had a very memorable Christmas as we did! It was wonderful out at the lake. Only thing is we don't get great sleep because the kids don't sleep well. But it was one of the best Christmas's in a long time for our family!!! It wasn't gifts that made it great, it was the family, togetherness, happiness and love. Sounds like a cheesy book doesn't it. I did have chemo starting the day after Christmas. This round didn't go as well I had agitation as well as I got sick the first night. I pretty much spent the last couple days in bed feeling in a fog and agitated. Today I feel a bit better, still tired and today is my emotional day when I have enough energy to let it all out! So hopefully tomorrow will be better. Thankfully my parents were there for me yesterday when I got my pump of and had to stay for fluids and medication. Thank you mom and dad! I am thankful that today is Saturday so doug was home and Angie was here to help with Ella. I am so lucky to have such great help. So hopefully I am on the up swing and soon we will go skiing. weee! I also found out that the doctor I saw recently from KU took my case to the group meeting with a bunch of physicians/surgeons and that a surgeon may consider me as a candidate for surgery as well as the doctor from Creighton. So it looks like I may have a few options. So this is good news. I wish you all a Happy New YEar! Leisa- I hope that you can think of all the great memories of your mother. I know it must hurt and be a very difficult time. You are all in my prayers! I think we are having a New years get together this year, so hopefully I will get my energy up so I will have a good time. Talk to you soon. shawndra
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