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PET Scan

Posted Aug 07 2009 7:15pm
Just got home from PET Scan. Don't know how our kids fast for their procedures and surgeries because I really struggled...adults we are such whingers!

Arrived there at 1.45pm, had to lay down on a bed with blanket for a blood sugar check and then they came back in and canulated me. I then had the nurse come in and administer the glucose/radiation cocktail thru the canula. Had to then keep relaxed and in the dark for half an hour while it did it's job. They then came and got me for the scan and the scan itself only took 15 minutes.

While waiting for my CD images of the scan they handed me sandwiches and juice...woohoo...I almost bit the Doctors hand off that gave it to me!

I am not allowed to go near Violet until tomorrow morning as a precaution from the radiation, so that will be hard as she is the cuddle queen. We can make up for the lost cuddles tomorrow, better to be safe than sorry.

Tomorrow night I get the results of this scan and the EEG...counting down now!
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