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Posted Apr 11 2009 12:35am 1 Comment

Just wanted to let everyone know my PET scan is clear of cancer. There are some questions/issues regarding my left kidney but I am not too surprised about that. Next PET will be in December. BIG SIGH OF RELIEF :)
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1st, let me congratulate you on your clear PET. (yes, I know this was written a very long time ago)

I am sure for some, a PET scan can be tramatic due to the anxiety as to WHY you are having one. However...this is not the same experience for all. I am WAY over at the other end of the spectrum, so much so that the techs in radiology think I am the "perfect" patient. I have had, to date, approximately, oh....14-16 PET scans over the previous 4 years at. I have one tomorrow at 7am.

I have never had one the way you describe though. For me, easy procedure except for the NO COFFEE rule! OMG! So, I schedule every PET for 6am-8am (at the latest). Less time to not have my coffee 1st thing! Only water after midnight, and I am sleeping, so no worries there.

MY PET scan goes like this: Arrive and hand my thermal coffee mug to nice radiology tech, he takes it to the employee break room to fill it up for me and hand it to me right after the test is done. (smile, joke around...this is DO-ABLE!) The tech then gets their blood sample, either by IV in arm or a quick finger prick. My favorite guy just does the IV setup and draws a small sample from that vs. giving me that extra finger poke. I love him.

I have good veins, even after all my IVs over the years, so an IV is NO BIGGIE! Then of course, the RADIOACTIVE juice push! Woo-hoo! Yes, you are radioactive for 24 hours. Sleep alone.

Then after a 45 minute nap (for me anyway) in a darkened room with a comfy recliner and warmed blanket to wait for the "juice" to distribute throughout your body. You will then be asked to empty your bladder and procede to the PET.

The above and the next step are my favorite parts. I work a 7 day a week job, usually an avg. of 14 hrs. a day (self-employed) so now I get to go lay inside this huge machine, get covered up again in a nice warm blanket and go back to sleep! Depending on how much of your body is to be scanned it can take anywhere from 1/2 hr to 45 min? I am guessing mine are usually 45 min. You will hear some "banging" noises here and there as you roll in and out of the machine, headphones w/music or white noise are provided if you desire. Some people are claustophobic. I am not whatsoever. I find it to be a nice cozy, warm & comfy place to be....a "break" in my day when I do not have to answer my phone and I enjoy some "quiet" time. I have never even heard the sounds the PET makes. I am already asleep.

Suddenly, nice Tech Guy rolls me out, wakes me up, hands me my keys and mug of coffee and out the door I go! I haven't had a positive one in 3 years! Fingers crossed for tomorrow! (I have Stage IV Cancer)

I guess it's all how you look at anxiety will arrive in about an hour. 12 hours from now my test will be done. I look forward to a nap in "the box" and a negative result preferably.

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