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perforated bowel during chemotherapy treatment

Posted by robturney

My mother in law is being treated for non-hodgkins lymphoma in Moscow, Russia.  She started chemo on Thursday, then Friday night began complaining of stomach pain.  She is in intensive care right now from a perforated bowel, which the doctors performed emergency surgery for.  My first question is, has anyone out there ever experienced this themselves or with a family member or friend?  My second question is will they be able to continue chemo if there is a possibility that there might be more cancerous cells that could be compramised by additional chemotherapy and wind up with another perforation?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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hi, my father was diagnosed with the same type of cancer and had his first course of chemo and had the same symptoms as you mentioned.... stomach pains...we took him to hospital 4 days after his chemo had finished and a ct scan conclusion was that he had a perforated bowel, they said he needed emergency surgery to see what was going on inside, they opened him up and discovered that the chemo had killed a large amount of his football sized lymphoma but discovered that his bowel and his sleen were both dead. My father died a for minutes after surgery, the doctors said that they were not sure if the chemo killed his could of or it could of been other circumstances, a coroners inquest will hopefuly provide the answers..... 

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