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Passing through

Posted Jun 29 2013 12:00am

There was going to be more blogging.  There really was. But I arrived home yesterday after a 24 hours that had included (not in order): 3 flights, 1 arrive-at-10.30-leave-at-8 hotel stay, an intense (and rewarding) morning’s work, saying goodbye to friends until the autumn, four sets of security checking, packing, replacing a broken suitcase, and the worst episode of food poisoning I have suffered since the Stratford Incident of (I think) 1987. I will spare you the details, but I will tell you that the vomiting was so violent that I ended up picking bits of regurgitated food out of my hair from the splashback….!

So, all of my plans for blogging, invoicing, emailing, and generally doing grown-up catching up have gone out of the window while I have been sitting around in my pyjamas regaling stories of my adventures to anyone who will listen (but generally being made to stop when I got to the bit that went, “So there was actually RICE and UNDIGESTED AUBERGINE sticking to my FACE”.)

The headlines are:

- Apart from the vomiting (did I mention the vomiting? There was vine leaf in my eyebrow when I’d done) Kurdistan was wonderful. Although 48 degrees is not wonderful. It’s stupid. The inside of your nose hurts when you inhale because the air is too hot. You can’t tell me that’s not stupid.

- Today (in about ten minutes) Alan and I are going to York for the weekend. We’re seeing three touring plays from Shakespeare’s Globe at 12.30, 4pm and 7pm; tomorrow I will be lying around listening to ‘The Archers’ and there will be light pottering. In the evening Alan is taking me out for an early birthday dinner a deux; I may be a spectacularly cheap date, assuming we can find a restaurant that serves tea and toast and maybe a nice plain baked potato.

- The next novel is quietly, insistently, growing and shaping into something I’m really excited about. (In my head. The whole writing-it-down thing hasn’t begun in earnest yet.)

- My sweet peas are blooming. My lettuces are growing. This makes me delighted. When we got home yesterday, the rain was torrential, but still I needed to do the garden inspection.

I’ll see you on Monday. When I will, somehow, be 42. Life, eh? It just keeps happening. If you’re as lucky as me. (Apart from the food poisoning. Did I mention that? That was unlucky. Did I mention there was a little bit of onion skin on my eyelid and it was so slippy and clingy I struggled to get it off?)

June 29, 2013
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