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Pain, Nausea, and an overall feeling of sickness

Posted by LV1987

For the past few weeks i have been having stabbing pains in my shoulder blades and rib cage. I had gone to the doctor before this started and my blood pressure was 150/90. High for a healthy 21 yr old female. I  get constant headaches that can last for days and i always have an aching pain all over my body. My temperature has been around 99 degrees the past few times I have gone to the doctor and I have swollen lymph nodes all throughout my groin and lower abdomen. They dont hurt, and I had a CT scan about a month ago to look at them and it came back normal. I dont understand what is going on with me. My body just aches. Its an arrray of symptoms, and my doctor cannot seem to tell me what is wrong. I have had rheumatoid tests, among several others. I get constant headaches that can last for days and I am almost always nauseated, with no vomiting. I DO have a low platelet count. I had my blood drawn again on tuesday for white cell counts, etc. I dont have the results back yet, but I was wondering if someone could give me some kind of idea about what could be going on. It would be very much appreciated! THANK YOU
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