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Posted Jan 14 2009 8:34pm
Large hematoma after Velcade infusion. Apply more pressure next time, please

I'm a little annoyed with Richard's local oncologist. He saw him yesterday and instead of vertebroplasty or nerve root injection, he got....more Oxycontin! He's now on 40mg three time a day of long acting and 5 mg of short acting as needed.

The DR wants him to wait and "see if it gets better". He's been waiting since April. And so far that extra 40 mg has done nothing.

There is risk stopping warfarin for a week. Also risky to insert a large bore needle into the spine of a person immunocompromised by mega doses of steroids and other immunosuppressive chemicals.

But life is not so good now when he can't move or walk without great pain! He would accept the risk.....
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