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Oral Cancer

Posted by walknlite

I just want to introduce myself.  I am an oral cancer survivor and am 33 years old.  I have two small children and teacher special education.  I am currently in remission, but am having horrible side effects from the radiation i received.  I am approahing my one year anniversary of the second occurance of this stuff.  Never thought I would be here to see that day come.  Anyway look forward to communicating with other survivors and current patients. 
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Due to having had radiation  to the headn adn neck area, I now have sever dry mouth as it fried my salivary lands.  I also have rock hard neck muscles.  My tongue is in constant pain due to the scar tissue.  I also just bgean to have dental issues due to the lack of saliva in my mouth.  I have also been told that there are late side-effects oa frads that I have yet to get and I I never do. 


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