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Posted Oct 16 2009 10:03pm
So, I spoke with Dr. Ram today and he advised me the rest of the tumor block is on its way to Covants to be tested for CD30+. He's not overly confident that they're going to find enough in there to sign off but I'm holding out hope. As a contigency, we discussed a couple of less than desirable scenarios which I'll explan:
First, if they don't get what they need from the sample, I can get a CT guided biopsy where they'd stick a core needle through my chest and attempt to cut a portion of my lymph node and extract it. This small portion would them be tested. The downside of this is its a very small sample and with my disease expressing only a small amount of malignant cells, the odds are low we'd find anything with this method. I'd then have a nice hole in my chest that'd need to heal...

Scenario two is a different route altogether. Since I have a relatively small amount of disease somewhat closely located, radiation is an option. Dr. Ram mentioned it would be extremely effective with the bone lesions. Of course, radiation would only provide temporary relief as the disease would surely come back or progress to a different location. This may buy me enough time however until another trial comes along that I could get into.

So, my hope is still get into the SGN trial of course. Nice to know that I do have another option to keep the disease at bay for a while though! I know there are some good things waiting to happen to me down the road. I just need to be ready to accept them!

By the way, went to a picnic yesterday at my favorite park Stoney Creek. Felt good to throw the frisbee around, the football around, play a little soccer and cook out on a charcoal bbq! We were right in front of the lake and it was really festive out there. Also caught up with some friends which was nice. I was a little drained from the sun but still managed to have a great time :)

Since I wasn't drinking, Chili picked up my slack (cleaning out empty bottles :-D

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