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ONeill Update 2007 April 17

Posted Jan 15 2009 7:57pm

Just a quick note to everyone about our trip:

We leave tomorrow at 11:00 local time Edmonton, arriving at 3:00 local time San Francisco. Ed and Jan (Brian's folks) and Sean and Michael (Brian's brothers) get there before us and will pick us up. We had a challenge finding reasonable and close lodging to the Hospital since it is in Palo Alto California (Silicon Valley), but have some reservations finally.

The surgery is on Friday, April 20, at an undisclosed time (meaning they won't tell us until the day before for whatever reasons) at Stanford Hospital. They say to expect to be in the hospital around 3-5 days. Brian will be in ICU the first night for recovery for sure. Longer, if necessary. Right now, our flights have us returning on Friday, April 27: me to Edmonton, Brian to Peoria accompanying his parents. Depending on Brian's condition, I will stay long enough to get things situated, close accounts, pack, whatever.

Thanks so much to those who have helped make everything so easy so far - making travel arrangements, expediting our move, bringing food, paying for things, listening to us, crying with us, praying for us, giving rides, etc. Everything seems to be falling into place. We even have an appointment with a neuro-oncologist (a doctor who does nothing but treat brain cancer) post-operatively. We haven't seen a neuro-oncologist in 7 years since we moved from Denver, so it will be good to get a specialist opinion again. And, as far as our move goes, things seem to be falling into place for that. Karen, my mom, is here to help with cleaning the house and getting things in order. We are working on getting the dates arranged and should have more details on that in the next week. The boys' schools are aware and sensitive to the situation and are praying for Brian (both go to Christian programs).

Our biggest prayer requests:
#1 - the pathology of what they find. This is our biggest concern as this will determine the next course of treatment and the prognosis. We pray that what they find is contained, and easy to treat. Miraculous would be non-cancerous - like I said before, I know our Lord is capable of this.

#2 - Brian's condition post-operatively. No loss of function. No deficits. No speech problems. and a speedy recovery.

#3 - for Brian's current symptoms to subside - he is very tired and he is having lots of tingles and sensations and occasional lack of feeling on his right side - hand, foot, calf, lip, groin, and the newest - his shoulder. He seems to have a new problem every few days or so and this is especially concerning to us considering he had no problems in December.

#4 - As complete of a resection as is possible for Brian - for Christ to guide and lead the surgeon and the entire medical team.

#5 - Blessings on those who have helped and offered to help

#6 - Protection for our families. Gavin has a headache, a fever and has been vomiting (when it rains, it storms in our house) for a couple of days now. So, my mom will have her hands full. We are praying that the rest of us are unaffected by this virus. Also, protection for safe and easy travels for all. Protection on our kids while their parents are away.

#7 - for length of days for Brian - that he can be a Daddy to his boys and a husband to me for a long time.

#8 - Peace, faith, love and support at Stanford and during the upcoming days and the move.


Brian, Angie, Gavin, and Grant O'Neill

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