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One thing you learn when you h ...

Posted Apr 03 2010 11:11am
One thing you learn when you hit this cancer road is to stay on top of things. I'm not real good at some things and so I have Glenda to tell me to take something to eat less my blood sugar drops.

Stinking meds have caused me to become borderline diabetic. There have been several times that I get the shakes and have to replenish my sugar pronto. Once upon a time, while sitting in the Student health Center at Mt SAC, I almost passed out. I made it to the front desk and thankfully, there was a nurse who knew exactly what to do. Glenda chewed me a new one when she found out.

Guess I shouldn't have told her huh?

Yesterday while at a friend's house I was doing some computer work. he was gone so I was all alone. Suddenly, my hands began to shake. "Dang. I better eat something" I thought and went to the kitchen to see what he had to eat. Here's a tip: never let your blood sugar bottom while you're at a bachelor pad.

Those guys live on fast food or take out. All he had were two loaves of soggy bread. One had started turning green. So I jump in the truck and meanwhile my head began spinning.

Remember as a kid how you would spin around until you got dizzy and fell down laughing? It felt just like that only at my age, it wasn't as much fun.

I drove around the corner thinking of an Arby's nearby but as I approached a stop light, I spied a Circle K on the left. Horns honked as I made a hard left into the parking lot. Three young girls were gathered in front of my truck as I came to a fast stop and tried standing without falling flat on my face. one thing a guy does not want to do is fall down in front of pretty young girls.

That would not be cool.

I made my way into the store past the two clerks behind the counter and headed straight for the snacks. At first,all I found were chips and nuts. Then I saw them. Chocolate donuts. I grabbed a pack, tore it open and shoved one in my mouth. As I chewed I saw my favorite Hostess Lemon Pie.

"Oh man. I want one," said my sugar deprived brain. "You don't need it," answered my common sense. Sometimes I hate that guy. "You already have the sugar you need and you're fat enough as it is," the voice went on. "now go find some OJ."

As I did that, I looked to the counter and the clerk was watching me warily. I waved and got the OJ, opened it and proceeded to guzzle it down. I turned toward the counter, probably with chocolate on my face, and the clerk was gone.

I shoved the donuts one after the other into my mouth and drank down the juice and in a minute I felt better. "That was close," I told myself as I grabbed a bag of Fritos on the way to the counter. Along the way, I happened upon frozen pasta lunches to microwave so I got one of those.

The clerk watched me walk up. "How are you today, Sir?" she asked. She pointed to the pasta and asked "would you like me to heat this up for you?"

"No thanks. I'll eat it at home. I'm better now. I thought I was gonna pass out." Then I explained what was happening. It turned out the same thing happens to her now and then so she understood.

All I can say is that after reading all the side effects of Afinitor and seeing how rough they can be, I hope none of them make me feel like that. It's a terrible feeling. Well, back to work and back to living.

Wait, reverse that.
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