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Oncologist Visit/CT Results

Posted Sep 01 2009 5:34pm
Busy day ...

7:45 am – Hospital for blood work
8:40 am – Hospital for oncologist visit
10:30 am – Dental Appointment
2:00 pm – Hospital for tetanus shot and PICC line dressing change

I had an early appointment for blood work at the hospital and shortly afterwards an oncologist visit. My blood work looked good. I got my CT scan results back which showed the tumors are stable with no change from the previous CT scan. I have a bit more fluid on my lungs. The doctor also mentioned I have fluid in my belly which I already knew ... I call it my chemo belly. I mentioned to her that my environmental allergies were acting up and would I be able to take something for it. She said absolutely yes. I was surprised because it seemed to me last year she said no. I must have been delirious from the chemo and remembered it wrong because that is not the case. I’ll be picking up some Benadryl soon.

Normally I would be getting chemo tomorrow but today I had a dental appointment for a cleaning and an exam so chemo is delayed for a week. The dentist had prescribed antibiotics for me to be taken one hour before my appointment ... 500 mg of Novamoxin (Amoxicillin Trihyrate) ... which I did.

So after my doctors visit off I went to see the dentist. He examined my teeth and asked about any oral issues I might have ... usually associated with chemo. I said the only issues I have are that my gums seem to be receding a bit and they bleed easy. I came out with the usual goodie bag of floss, toothbrush and toothpaste and ... no cavities ... and that is a good thing.

My appointment was over at noon and I went home for something to eat as I hadn’t had a bite up to that point. After filling my belly back to the hospital for a tetanus shot. Why do I need a tetanus shot you ask ... well, a couple of weeks ago when I was getting my CT scan one of the nurses accidentally sniped my skin with a pair of scissors. She was trying to access my PICC line without disturbing the dressing too much. She cut the dressing and my arm too. The cut was very minimal but since it had been too many years since I had a tetanus shot the doctor thought I should get one. After my shot the nurse offered to change my PICC line dressing as opposed to coming back tomorrow. That sounded good to me.

All and all a pretty full day ... I am tired and glad to be home.

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