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On Monday this week, the physica ...

Posted Nov 16 2009 12:32pm

On Monday this week, the physical therapist came to give TB a work out session. But TB ended up over doing it. He keeps telling his friends and whoever else will listen, that I was worried he would overdose on the amount of Oxycodone and Oxycontin he was taking after the session and through to Tuesday morning, and that there was no need to call the nurse to come by to check on him on Tuesday. He’s wrong – allow me to explain.

During the session, the therapist explained to TB that the intensity of the exercise should be just to the edge of when pain begins, then he should stop the bend/kick/lift/whatever he’s doing. The fact he had taken a pain pill before the session may have worked against him because doing so probably caused him to think he was only pushing to his limit, but because the medicine masked some of the pain, he actually exceeded what he should have done and didn’t realize it until later. Unfortunately, he paid in a very painful way.

While the therapist was here, one of TB’s friends came over and cleaned out the gutters of the house and blew the leaves off the roof, typical fall type work that TB can’t do right now. Another friend came over on the weekend and blew all of the leave out of the window wells, the lilac and flower beds and all of the other nooks and crannies so that I could take the mower and crunch over them (we don’t bag the leaves, we mow them so they basically get mulched into the grass). That friend also put up Christmas lights along the carport – I know it seems early to do that but in our state you take advantage of the good weather in the fall to get the lights up. But never fear, though the lights are hooked up they do not get turned on until the day after Thanksgiving. :-)

TB also did a ‘walk about’  during that session in the house using the walker. He’d been hesitant to do any additional walking on it other than to go to the bathroom. He said there’ s a confidence level you have to attain and that using a walker is not intuitive so he really has to concentrate. I was okay with especially once he started to ask me for pain pills. Lest you think he is incapable of making his own decisions on what meds he needs to take, I monitor them for the simple fact it’s easier that way. Plus it’s not just pain meds he’s taking, he has meds for blood pressure, cancer, and phosphates plus he takes a med that helps stimulate his appetite, a med for his blood, laxatives (because of the narcotics), and aspirin and something else that I can’t think of. So it’s my job and I think on Monday he didn’t like that it was my job.

From about 5:30 pm on Monday night until 6 am Tuesday morning, TB was in agony. I kept a list of how much of the pain meds I had given him and to me it was high since it was 2 to 2 1/2 times the dosage he normally has but he was so insistent and pissy about it. When I checked him about 2:30am I noticed the bandage had blood on it up near the top of the leg. I didn’t like that much since we’d been home nearly a week and not once had there been blood on any part of his leg. So in the morning I called the home care folks and while I was at school the nurse came by, looked at it, changed the bandages and said he was fine. But – and there is a but – the dude over did it. Hence the blood. Hence the pain. Hence the fact that it was good I had the nurse check him.

Today he had another session and this one went much better. Except he’s had a couple of what he’s calling panic attacks – he needed to have the windows open today even though it was quite cool outside so he could HEAR sounds other than what he could hear in the house. I’m trying to type quietly now so he can relax but since my natural typing speed is quite fast it’s very difficult to go slow and be quiet. So I’ll have to end for tonight.

More tomorrow or Friday.


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