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On health and happiness: a response from Alan

Posted Mar 14 2013 12:00am

Earlier this week, I wrote this post about how I feel I need to be careful not to rewrite history.

My lovely Alan has something to say about it. Over to you, darling. And thank you.

Like Em, I don’t believe you edited out the horrors of your experience.  It was your ability to describe them and to take a positive approach in an honest and frequently  amusing way, that later enabled you to write two books that offer guidance to others.  You also described the worries you had and the worries that you thought others might have had.  You are concerned that some of us have not yet recovered from that worrying time. Is it possible that you are worrying unnecessarily about this?
The diagnosis was a shock. The treatment regime was no walk in the park, but we travelled with you, offering physical and moral support. It was painful for us too, in a different way, but your courage, fortitude and approach to treat this as dance rather than a battle didn’t fool us into forgetting that your cancer was serious. But encouraged by you, and recognising the magnificent treatment and support you received from the NHS (nearly all of the time) we spent little or no time thinking your diagnosis meant Certain Death.  And it wasn’t.
Occasionally some of us may think about what might have happened. That is understandable. But then we see you now.  Two books in print, a first novel on its way, and a second on the stocks.  We see your happiness in your new home, your confidence as a driver, your love of life. Why would we worry?
Not everyone walks out of the shadow into the sunlight as you have. That is a sad fact of life, although survivor success is so much more likely these days.  I don’t think you need to rewrite the story of your journey for you have already done this successfully, and that record stands.
March 14, 2013
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