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Omega’s Restrict Prostate Cancer

Posted Oct 26 2011 4:05pm



A low-fat diet combined with fish oil supplements restricts growth

Researchers from the University of California at Los Angeles had made this discovery after testing prostate tissue samples from men with the disease. It was determined that in just four to six weeks on a low-fat diet with fish oil supplements the cancer growth is reduced. However, these same results were not demonstrated in men who remained on a regular diet with no fish oil supplements.

Dr. William Aronson, Chief of Urology at Olive View UCLA Medical Center, Chief of Urologic Oncology V.A. West Los Angeles, professor and lead researcher had stated the low-fat fish oil diet was found to decrease the number of rapidly dividing cells in the prostate cancer tissue. This is significant due to the rate at which the cells are dividing prognostic of future cancer progression. The lower growth rate, the lesser of chance the cancer will spread outside the prostate, which is more difficult to treat.

One group of participants in the study that consumed a regular diet and had received 40% of their calories from fat which had included food sources of omega 6 fatty acids from corn oil. The levels of fish oil providing omega 3 fatty acids were low. The other group of participants on a low-fat diet were fat had just been fifteen percent. They also had taken five grams of fish oil capsules each day in the total amount of five capsules per day.

Researchers had written that the preclinical study advocated low dietary omega 6 fatty acids from corn oil and omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil decreases risk for prostate development.

Dr. Aronson did note due the short time of the study and the small size he could not recommend dietary changes.

This study appears in the journal of Cancer Prevention Research.

Being planned is a larger study of 100 men with prostate cancer who are not being actively treated but in recovery from regular biopsies and check ups according to Dr. Aronson.

This study is estimated to take one year in order to examine the effects of a low-fat diet, Western diet or fish oil supplements on prostate cancer growth.

According to the National Cancer Coalition prostate cancer is diagnosed every 2 ¾ minutes equaling 190,000 new cases each year. Over 30,000 American men will lose their life to prostate cancer each year.

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids. These acids are needed for human health but the human body can not make them. You need to receive them through foods such as fish like salmon, tuna and other seafood. They can also be found in some plants and nut oils.

Researcher has been demonstrating the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in various conditions and diseases. For example, it has been demonstrated that these fatty acids decrease inflammation and just may aide in lowering the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, arthritis and cancer.

Population based studies of groups of men have advocated that a low-fat diet which includes omega 3 fatty acids from fish or supplements aides in the prevention of the development of prostate cancer.

There are some experts that agree women who consume foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids over many years may have a lesser chance for the development of breast cancer.

Omega-3 fatty acids have also been associated to lowering the risk for colorectal cancer.

Before taking any supplements or changing your current diets always check with your practitioner first to ensure your health.

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