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Posted Aug 03 2011 2:23am
One thing is certain, each kind of method is of the family of clothing treasure, is masters of the clothing long pursuit of the results, but still garments in China, the integration of business strengths, to make every bit the apparel business to a new level, and can help learners master clothing technology panorama, the comprehensive gain knowledge system. So, the study of the history, development must be used, comprehensive view, see what method fully reflect the nature of the dress, with reliability; See what the board there is lack of method, has certain limitation; Especially should pay attention to Ladies belstaff jackets for salebuy Cheap Belstaff the institute of plate method when and what conditions to available, and so on.
In fact, the right way, the study is to a detour. Here is an example to illustrate this problem, for example, in the clothing shoulder problem in our country, the garment opinions are different: some Belstaff JacketsBelstaff Jackets womens people approve of using the method of constant set down the shoulder, some women's fall before the shoulder as 4.5 cm, fall as 4 cm after shoulder; And some material is recommended more fall the women's shoulder, before a 6 cm, shoulder inclined shoulder as after 5 cm; And some USES pectoral degree method is used to determine the size, according to bust ChuLa shoulder value calculation; And some have strong column suggested a method of determining perspective, it is considered that the fall of the method is not science, shoulder special work out when the Angle of manner, a method to determine the manner, but then again appear, method to determine the manner. 7. Of course, these methods are to solve specific problems and brought out, all is the solution to the problem of some specific methods, is inclined shoulder different change state of Louis Vuitton OutletBuy Louis Handbag different forms, has some of the applicable scope, no doubt, is very valuable, and some problems with this method may solve quite good, but some problems with that kind of solution may be better. But headache is, there must be a reason:!!!!! These different methods, the size of the different method is differ, origin, reason and starting point is not very clear, that beginners baffled. Was not a very complicated "shoulder inclined to determine" was confused how to learn, stir? How to acquire? So, we will be looking for in learning rule: first of all you should be able to understand the clothing and what factors have shoulder gradient relationship? On the board of the most basic Belstaff Jackets UK SaleBelstaff Jackets USA Sale system board method is??????? Looking for root, make clear associated with all the factors, such as: shoulder after provinces, the bust change, how should shoulder gradient change and so on. So, we will not be fully know the rules, determine shoulder inclined to reduce blindness in learning, to "with changeless should" and the right structure. So I suggest we had certain clothing after learning must be based, from the source, from haven't started with design features, were not design of basic structure "cover up" the study, to find clothing structure, the essence of starting from basic to solve all kinds of structural problems.
This will involve the important problem of the clothing prototype.
What is the dress prototype? Clothing prototype is accord with human body basic requirements, no style dress features of the most basic garment pattern. And this is the most basic garment Louis Vuitton ShowLouis Vuitton ready pattern structure was first through the human body investigation, the three-dimensional cutting and repeated sample get.
First selected a series of shape as the research object, choose specific cloth, in the body of stereo clipping directly on modelling, then the part sewing side adjustment, comprehensive comparison repeatedly, and, of course, also after various research improvement and long-term use adjustment, and finally determined that a pattern-this pattern: the bust of proportion, lean degree appropriate tie-in proper, its effect is generally stereo clipping, is difficult to achieve the best results climbing-inspired cut. Will use this pattern to, as the board template, clothing and apparel and further establish the basic relations between human body, according to the relationship to further processing the different design clothing found, so the pattern and invention used this pattern for clothing structure change of basic methods, and formed a complete system, we need of clothing prototype and prototype system board method was born.
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