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Official Date is Set for Transplant

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:05pm
The date is set for my transplant. November 1st I check into the hospital. I have decided after talking with the transplant doctor and my doctor talking with them to go with Moffit. While I will be one of the first ones there to have a cord blood transplant, I am not the first with the doctors who bring their experience with them. The biggest difference is in securing the cord blood and calculating the number of stem cells you are given, which the doctor who specializes in cord blood will do. Once I am given the cells, the procedure and things that go on are the same as a bone marrow transplant. Both Steven and I feel comfortable with our decision. We are going as a family, the kids are being withdrawn out of school and will be enrolled in a home school program for the 90 days we are there, my mom is coming with us to help and take care of the kids. We will most likely be going by the 28 th of October so we have time to settle in the apartment we will be renting, get the kids set up, etc. On the 30 th I will have a Hickman catheter inserted and we will celebrate Halloween in Tampa before I go in hospital. A cord blood transplant will require me to have full body radiation in addition to the chemo, I am a bit nervous about the radiation and chemo, or what they call conditioning procedure, but I think it is more a fear of the unknown that I am worrying about.

I am not going to require more chemo treatments before transplant, and each day I feel better and better, being two months from my last chemo, my energy is coming back and I am feeling normal for the first time in a long time. It is hard because I know I have October and then for many months after that I will not feel well or be like myself, not be able to go out to all the places I would want to, but I am enjoying this time right now. We have moved home and are settled in, we are enjoying being home and doing things together as a family.

I will be going to Moffit for vital organ testing on October 5 and 6 th, this is two days of tests, from scans to bone marrow biopsy, taking a class on transplant, meeting with psychologists and social workers. I start at 8 am and my last appointment is at 5, the second day I end at 3 p.m. I go back on the 19 th to go over the results, they need to make sure that you are in good health an have no underlying problems before they will take you to transplant.

We have a busy October ahead of us, I am glad that I will be feeling well and be able to get everything ready for us to move to Tampa, there are lots of arrangements to be made and plans to be put in place before we go.
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