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November Newsletter 2007

Posted Nov 09 2007 12:00am

Hello Everyone and Welcome to our November 2007 Newsletter

The number of Americans who died of cancer has 
dropped for a second straight year, marking a 
milestone in the war on the disease, officials 
said yesterday. More than 3,000 fewer Americans
died from cancer in 2004 than in 2003.
The biggest drop occurred in colorectal cancer, with 1,110 
fewer men and 1,094 fewer women dying from the disease.  
The decline with attributed to broader screening efforts and
improved treatment. The work that Susie's Cause 
is going is effective and we need your help!

The Holiday season is rapidly approaching and there are many 
wonderful causes seeking support. All of our supporters realize that 
there are no more important than ours. We would like to take this 
opportunity to thank you for your generous past donations to our 
Foundation. Your dollars have been used to fund our Save Our Parents 
program that helps educated people of all ages throughout North 
America about the necessity of early screening for colon cancer. We 
have been tirelessly working in High Schools, College Campuses, 
Museums, Health Fairs, Hospitals, Community Events and many more 
settings to reach out to tens of thousands of people. Our work has 
consistently been featured on Comcast/CNN reaching millions of 
viewers. We have continued our Sharing, Caring, and Surviving Colon 
Cancer series to provide a day of physical and emotional support for 
the colon cancer patients, their families, and friends.  We spend hundreds
of thousands of dollars to create and implement the first live accredited 
education series for 5,000 Primary Care Physicians in 10 cities, to better 
educate them and attack colon cancer at a very important source.
As many of you know, we receive millions of visitors on our website, 
which is the leading colon cancer website in the world. We take 
great pride in responding to each and every person; personally doing 
everything in our power to provide information, guidance, second 
opinions from our brilliant medical advisory board, and often times 
just someone to talk to. We have been able to arrange life saving 
surgeries for people who simply could not afford their care. We are 
saving lives each and every day.  
However, this is just the beginning. Our most important work is 
still ahead of us.  There are still over 50,000 men and women who often 
times die prematurely each and every year. Hundreds of thousands 
of family members and friends unnecessarily lose their loved ones.  
We are more motivated than ever to turn the tide of the tragedy 
of colon cancer.
We have created a series of programs for 2008 that we believe will 
raise the bar in colon cancer and all cancers for decades to come.  
We will be able to provide education, support, and assistance for 
millions of people. This is the most aggressive campaign ever devised 
in the battle against colon cancer. We can only imagine the impact 
that this could have had on the loved ones lost. We cannot bring Susan 
back to her husband, children, and family. We cannot change the 
past, but we can work harder than ever to stop a disease that is 90% 
preventable and save countless families that pain that many 
of you have endured. With your help we can literally change 
the world!
We are asking you, our most generous contributors, to reach 
into your hearts and help us fight the fight. Please hold onto 
your passion and your memories for loved ones lost and support 
the most aggressive campaign in history to help stop colon cancer 
and help those battling this disease. Please visit the donations section 
on our website to make an online 
contribution or send your check to:
Susie's Cause
201 N. Charles St. Suite 2404
Baltimore, MD 21201
For more information please contact our National office at 410-244-1778.  
Again, thank you for your past support and Bless you for your continues support.
Robert Smith
Executive Vice President
Susie's Cause

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