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Not-fixed-yet roundup

Posted Feb 10 2013 10:04pm

So. Despite appearances – ie the fact that you are reading this – the blog is still not fixed. The reason that you’re reading this (if you are) is because although I cannot add new posts (or photos) I can open and alter draft posts. Keith has explained it to me and I think, basically, I am trying to stuff more into a suitcase than a suitcase can hold. (Which, coincidentally, is what I was doing in real life this morning.)

This is the last draft post available. So. Here’s hoping I am fixed soon.

Allow me to give you a general round-up of my life until such time as we can back into our easy, most-days stride.

- I am in very good health. Talking to someone yesterday about chemotherapy reminded me how rarely I talk about cancer these days. (Not that I mind, you understand, but it’s so lovely for it not to be mandatory.)

- Following the success of the sparkly sequinned lace-up pumps, I have bought daisy-print hi-tops. They are fabulous. I’ll show you a picture when I can show you pictures again.

- The novel is progressing apace. There are more post-its on the window, there are 55,000 words, and there’s the final section to write before I go back to the beginning and make it all make proper sense and turn it into something a bit like a real book.

- I may be addicted to crochet.

- I write this in a hotel at Heathrow. Tomorrow at Really Stupid O’Clock I will be getting on a flight to Vienna, thence to Erbil, where I will be working for a week. (To answer your likely questions: Erbil is in Kurdistan. Kurdistan is the northern part of Iraq. It’s perfectly safe. I’ll be training thinking skills.) I am really excited about this opportunity to go somewhere I wouldn’t expect life to take me, and also, get a little bit of sun on my skin. (Via sunblock of course.)

- The people I will be training would be less excited if they had seen me yesterday, trying to open the door to my mother’s house by pointing my car key at it and pressing the button.

- I hope you are well. I hope I am back here on the blog soon.

(Another blog thing: you can’t add comments, as you may have already worked out… if you want to contact me, just email bah (at) bahtocancer (dot) com.)

February 7, 2013
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