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Nike Free Series Allow You Free Exercises

Posted Nov 06 2012 7:47am

Nike Inc. Has released the brand new nike free run 3, Nike Free run 4.0 and Nike Free 3.0 V4 running shoes. Nike Free technology makes the muscle getting stronger by returning foot to natural motion, barefoot imitation and strengthening foot toughness, flexibility and balance. This new Nike Free series utilizes the dynamic fit design, overlay structure upgrading, three kinds of midsole, and the technology of Nike Free run ID special made for each individual, offering more options for different runners.

The Nike Free series has become the best choice of most runners, since the first pair of Nike Free shoes in 2004. Mark Miner, the designer of the new series, says that we exam carefully every single details of the design and make it function well. The new Nike Free Series adapts for the first time, he says, the dynamic fit design, and its overlay is as light as the second layer of skin, and imitation of barefoot running feel offering the wearer much more flexibility. He says when you are making exercises, the special design allows the shoes moves with your foot, and moreover, Nike Free is unique because of its color, model and function, and it is made particularly for natural motion and free running.

In 2001, Nike Sport Research Lab collected and made a systematic comparison and analyzed the concerning data of barefoot running athletes, and found that barefoot running can maintain legs' and foot's flexibility. The born of Nike Free realizes barefoot training. The research made by German Sport University Cologne between November 2003 and April 2004 reveals that Nike Free not only allows the ankles move freely, the foot and ankles becomes more flexible and powerful, but also strengthen the intrins-muscles of legs. Nike Free series running shoes are defined by the imitations of barefoot flexibility by the designer.
0.0 is absolutely barefoot running, while 10.0 is equal to Nike Zoom Vomero normal running shoes. This new series has 3 models in total with upgraded midsole grooves design, making the whole sole more carefully cut so that the the foot can move more naturally. At the same time, the brand new seamless upper design provides a lighter and more comfortable feeling. Nike Free 3.0 V4 offers a feeling of barefoot running with the most flexible deep grooves and tongue and upper integrated design, while the barefoot flexibility of the new Nike Free 4.0 is between Nike Free 3.0 V4 and nike free run 3 men, and the symmetrical shoelace design reduces the pressure brought by upper to the instep. Nike Free run 3 use the midsole structure of Nike Free 5.0 and also the dynamic fit design provides the best feeling of wrapping and supporting.

In addition, Nike Free technology has been widely applied to training shoes for men, such as Nike Free Haven, which adopts the Free 3.0 technology, and it provides a variety of elasticity and comfortable feeling of close to earth and the barefoot-like training feeling. Any of Nike training shoes for women utilize the free technology as well, including Nike Free advantage, Nike Free gym, Nike Free tr fit 2, and Nike Free tr twist. With this technology, the wearer can enjoy the flexibility, and the balance in both inner-door and outdoor activities.

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