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News! News! News!

Posted Apr 13 2012 3:32am

I’f you’re here often, you may have noticed gnomic references of late. I’ve mentioned talking to my agent/waiting for phone calls from my agent/my novel/waiting for news.

Well, I have NEWS!

After a fantastic meeting with a terrific editor on Tuesday, I’m happy to be able to tell you that Surrounded By Water, my first novel, will be published by Transworld (Bantam Press) in early 2014, to be followed by another novel. (Now I know what all the waiting was trying to tell me. That I need to get good at waiting. 2014! I’ll be in remission by then! It feels like a world away. But I’m learning, learning, learning to wait. By 2014 I might be good at it. I’ll have had an awful lot of practice.And it’s not as though I’ll have nothing to do. There’s writing another book, for a start.)

I am thrilled. Excited. Pinching myself. Dancing little dances. Grinning a lot.

And when I’ve done with doing all that – I reckon it will take a week – I’ll be off to the studio to start on the rewrite.

If I get stuck, or frustrated, or tired, I’ll get up and do a little dance and remind myself that I am doing what I always wanted to. I’m telling tales. I’m making worlds. I’m coaxing and cajoling words into behaving the way that I want them to, so that they can make the stories that are in my head come to life in yours.

But for now, I’m grinning. Please, feel free to grin along with me.

(The official announcement is here. )

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