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New York Minute...

Posted Feb 11 2011 12:09am
Finally had a smooth trip to New York, thank God. That is if you count having to remove around 18 inches of snow from the car at 5:30 in the morning smooth ;) I can't believe how cold it is in Michigan! I went from 77 degrees to zero overnight, shocking. It wasn't as cold in New York today thankfully though as I have to walk from Grand Central to NYU and back on these day trips. I think they'll probably get our deep freeze tomorrow though so heads up New York!

I ate my pineapple again and barely squeezed by once more with my platelets being exactly 50K, whew!

Also had a chance to meet another Hodge Warrior today, Tim. I was waiting at the elevator when this young guy looks over to me and asked me if I was Chris and I said yeah. Turns out Tim's mother messaged me a while back after finding my blog. I was embarrassed that I didn't remember our exchange but felt better after Tim mentioned that my blog helped him out which was cool. So, I've got a new buddy in New York now and can't wait to hear some good results as he just started the same trial I'm on but with a much higher dose of vitamin B3. It's funny but Tim's pretty much followed the same path as me treatment wise except he's had an allo transplant compared to my tandem auto transplants. It was cool exchanging war stories with someone who's gone through the same thing and talking about all the other stuff that comes along with having refractory cancer. Always good to make a new friend...

So, that's all I've got for now. Need to grab another blanket and bundle up in this drafty room... Hate to say it but I can't wait to get back down to Florida! This cold just aint for me anymore...


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