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New Study on Tandem SCT over Single

Posted Nov 23 2010 6:41pm

(when I was told tandem was not a “proven” treatment)

Long-Term Follow-Up of Tandem Autologous Stem-Cell Transplantation in Multiple Myeloma

Story in The Myeloma Beacon (which is helpful in evaluating the study)

Dave will often remind folks who disagree with the treatment choice we have made, “The horse has left the barn.” He is right, no matter what the latest study says or doesn’t say. But as one who dragged him to the barn of my choosing, it is heartening to have some validation. Having said that, while it is difficult for those newly diagnosed, it is a blessing that we have many choices to treat MM. Age, overall health, goals in treatment outcomes, impact of disease at diagnosis, etc., all play a role in making these difficult choices in areas of which we are typically way behind the learning curve once we embark on our choice. We learn as we go. There are many who can’t get through such an arduous treatment and yet they can still be treated. There are those who simply choose not to treat so aggressively, and yet still they can be treated.

So while I am happy, as this was the very thoughtful choice we made – I continue to pull for

For those interested in tandem transplant, Total Therapy approach offered in Little Rock, Arkansas, you can also consider going to their sister clinic in Utah at the Huntsman Cancer Institute .

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