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New Promising Treatment May Provide Hope For Skin Cancer Suffers

Posted May 27 2010 10:29am
Melanoma University's Division of Clinical Oncology at the School of Molecular Medical Sciences lead researcher Professor Lindy Durrant, trusts that the new vaccine developed which aims at tumor cells without causing harm to healthy tissue, may be favorable for treating patients with malignant melanoma (skin cancer).

Nottingham scientists were given the go ahead to test a vaccine that just may reverse and possibly cure malignant melanoma which is the deadliest form of skin cancer.

As of 2009, 68,720 cases of skin cancer were reported and caused 8,650 deaths that year. Melanoma is almost always curable at the very early stages if detected. More than two million cases of skin cancer are found in the United States each year.

Cases of malignant melanoma have increased more than four times over the last 30 years and within the last 25 years rates of malignant melanoma have increased rapidly over any other cancer. It is the most frequent cancer in young adults aged 15 to 34 years of age, which could be associated to dangerous conduct like exposing self to sun on beaches in foreign countries and using tanning booths. Each year most of the skin cancer deaths are from malignant melanoma.

Professor Durrant stated until currently, early detection has been a vital element in successfully treating the disease. Early stages of the cancer can be cured with surgery by removing the skin melanoma totally. When it is not detected in the early stages chemotherapy and radiotherapy simply do not prove useful in removing the melanoma. New compounds though are being tested.

The clinical trail is still in the very beginning stages so there is no probability to foresee a outcome of the trail. However, if the results from the lab are duplicated in the patients there could be a very viable chance of greatly increasing the possibilities of favorable treatment that the vaccine will heal at least 10 to 20% of the patients diagnosed with melanoma.

The Gene Therapy Advisory Committee along with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency have given permission to test the new SCIB1 vaccine. The clinical trails are to begin soon at Nottingham City Hospital and centers in Manchester and New Castle.

Patients who are currently suffering from advanced malignant melanoma which spread to other parts of the body will be the first to receive the vaccine.

The vaccine works by starting the body's own natural defense systems which have DNA and genetic materials from tumors. In short, it changes particular immune cells that attack melanoma. It will not attack the surrounding healthy tissues.

The scientific team trusts that in origin, new vaccines established on the same system may be able to possibly be used to spot other kinds of cancer tumors such as prostate and breast.

Alternative skin cancer therapies
are meant to help aide with conventional therapies. Here are a few alternative therapies that are used for skin cancer.

Nutritional Therapy

One third of all cancer deaths comes from malnutrition according to the National Cancer Institute. Cancer does diminish nutrients in the body and causes dramatic weight loss. Not only does the cancer effect your desire for food but so do the conventional treatments received along with being able to digest foods.

Assessments are done by nutritionists to implement a plan for each patient to stop malnutrition from occurring along with reduction of side effects and letting the body become overall in wellness.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic practitioners are trained to be primary care physicians and some choose to focus on certain treatment methods a few of them are:

Botanical Medicine: the use of plant substances as medicine.

Physical Medicine: uses its own therapeutic methods of manipulating muscles, spine and bones.


Acupuncture using tiny needles inserted in various areas of the body and Acupressure is the same treatment exception being finger pressure is used in place of needles. These methods are used to reduce pain.
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