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New Lump

Posted Aug 08 2010 8:49pm
I'm having a rough week... Was in the shower last night and found a pea size hard lump under my right armpit, not good. I've emailed Dr. Ram and hoping to get in to see him asap. Kinda hoping they want to remove it and biopsy it so I don't have to feel it and I have fresh tissue to send to other trial sites around the country as they usually require this. This is assuming it's progression of my disease. I can't imagine what else it would be being directly in my axillary area of lymph nodes under my arm. I had 3 removed here before on my last biopsy and it caused lymphodema so that would be my only concern (besides Hodgkins of course).

I'm trying to stay calm but it's really tough. No matter how many times you discover something isn't working and the disease is progressing it always freaks you out. Just hoping I can get into the RAD001 trial here as it had a 53% response rate in Phase 1. Yeah, flipping the coin at this point is about as good as I can get. So, it looks like New York may be done, I think I've done pretty much everything I wanted to do there except see a show and do the museums. That's touristy stuff anyway right?! I had a chance to experience the real New York with people who actually live there and don't think you can beat that.

So, I take a deep breath, a Clonazepam and hope for the best.

By the way, my prayers and good thoughts go out to my Auntie Linda who's mother passed (from what else, cancer). She was a very sweet Lady and know her family will miss her. See you guys at the funeral tomorrow.

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