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New General Doctor Set Up On Fri...

Posted Oct 01 2008 9:53pm
New General Doctor Set Up

On Friday the oldest two kids and myself went to our first appointment with the new PCP doctor. I figured it was better to get in now and get set up that way if anyone needs anything later then we'll be able to get right in. It was an interesting time to say the least.

I had called ahead when I set up the appointment and asked specifically if the doctor had experience with MEN2a. I was told that he DID and that is why I made the appointment. When the doctor walked into the room the first words he said were "Well I looked this up on the internet....." and to be honest I wanted to run right then and there. The truth is though that we really aren't going to find many doctors with working knowledge of MEN2a. It's something we can expect from Endocrinologists but not General Practioners. So I decided to give him a chance.

To be honest, he did a great job. He asked lots of questions, listened to what I said, acknowledged that I know more about this than him (which I've found is hard for alot of doctors because THEY need to be the experts even though it's just not feasible), asked for the URL to this blog, and put me at ease that he would do all he can to learn how to care for us. After that he started examining us for the "normal" things.

We found out that Sis lost 7lbs somehow so we have to test her thyroid levels and we're also running an iron test on her. We need to figure out why she's losing weight because her eating habits haven't changed at all and without a thyroid losing or gaining weight is an issue. So some bloodwork and we should know what's up with her by the end of next week.

I found out that I'm just a big train wreck. LOL. We found that some of the pain I'm having in my hands is from carpal tunnel syndrome. So I will have to wear lace up braces on both hands at night to try to eleviate some of the pain. The rest of the pain in my hands and the pain in my legs stumped the doctor somewhat. He ordered a ton of bloodwork on me to make sure it's not a deficiency somewhere first. Then he recommended craniospinal therapy (which I'm still reading on) to hopefully help with some of the pain and the constant headaches. Other than that he said that MAYBE my pain in my legs could be from Degenerative Disc Disease but we're waiting until everything else comes back first. Even if it is, I'm not worried. Heck, as much as I've been poked, prodded, cut open, and hacked up from cancer and so on this is the least of my worries. LOL.

Big B gained a pound and I should have thought to get his current thyroid and calcium levels but I didn't.

Oh yeah, I also tried to get the kids in with a ped endo and was told I had to take their records to the office so they could copy them and THEN they would contact me for an appointment after the doctor read them. *sigh* I had an appointment for the kids already with another ped endo but had to cancel because of the new insurance so I'm hoping I'm not going to be made to regret this. BTW- I did take the records to them yesterday so I should/better hear back next week because this isn't something I'm willing to play with. If the kids can't get in by the second week of December at the latest then I'm having the general doc run the bloodwork for Bret as well.

Next update- any bloodtest results or scan results.
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