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New chemo delivery methods, lost washing machines and vain cats…

Posted Dec 26 2010 12:58pm

I just can’t concentrate on any research these days, although I did come across a few interesting Science Daily articles, such as this one, which discusses a new delivery method that might make chemo drugs more effective less harmful to healthy cells: . Gold-coated liposomes, eh?

Well, it’s the holidays, after all…so I am getting some rest, playing with the cats, enjoying my time with Stefano and, er…doing laundry at my in-laws’ apartment. Oh yes. That’s right. We still don’t have a washing machine. It was supposed to have been delivered to our house last Thursday, but–and I know this may sound unbelievable (it is!)–the courier “lost” our washing machine at some point while it was in transit between Milan and Florence. No, I am NOT kidding…

I have to say that we were as mad as buzzing hornets when we first found out…But then I just had to laugh. I mean, I can understand losing a small item–a camera, a handbag, whatever–but a WASHING MACHINE?? Hmmm…  

Anyway, now I think it’s funny…so that is that…Besides, we should be getting another washing machine next week (?). No worries…ehm…Okay, let’s change the subject…

About this photo. Our lovely but rather vain Princess Peekaboo whined about not having been included in yesterday’s Xmas photos. She always loves being admired…and the center of everyone’s attention…so this morning I promised her that I would publish this photo in which she demonstrates the proper use of a scratching post…Besides, this info might come in handy someday…say, if you happen to break your nail file… ;-)

Happy day-after-Xmas!!! :-)

Written by Margaret

December 26th, 2010 at 10:58 am

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