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New 3D ultrasound imaging device: does it really offer better biopsy guidance?

Posted Sep 29 2008 4:46pm

If one suffers from chronic belief in corporate media releases, the new ei·Nav/Artemis™ ultrasound imaging technology, approved by the US Food & Drug Administration last week, will utterly revolutionize the ability of urologists to carry out prostate biopsies. However, since we have yet to see any peer-reviewed, comparative data supporting the value of this new technology, we will withold judgment until such data is published.

With that reservation, we do feel that the idea behind this technology (which will offer the urologist a 3D image of the prostate during biopsy as opposed to the traditional 2D image) should have some significant benefits, at least in theory. For those who enjoy reading “over-the-top” corporate media releases, this one is among the entertaining (starting with the headline and moving down to the error regarding 4.0 ng/mL still being a “standard” for a maximum “normal” PSA — an idea rejected by the vast majority of experts).

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