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My Monday that did not work out...

Posted Aug 25 2009 7:33pm
So my being home for the kids first day of school and mine and Christian's birthdays. At 6 am I woke up with a 103 fever, and had to go straight to the ER. Steven drove me and checked in and had to go home to get the kids from school. I was upset to miss their first day but Daddy did great and they had a good first day. I got blood cultures taken to see if there is an infection and got to a room later that day. I ran 103-4 fevers all day and it made have constant shakes and headache where I could not even my eyes, Tuesday cultures all positive for some serious bacterial infection I don't even remember the name of. My oxygen levels were bottomed out and the port was source of infection, so they take you to surgery and take it out immediately.

When I came out my breathing was still in distress so I was moved to the ICU. I had to go on 100% oxygen and from there the fevers and all continued. It was determined with scans that the Infection manifested itself as pneumonia in both lungs. "In here until last night it has been a huge battle, "I could not breath and my heart rate is so high, just miserable. I am on four very potent iv antibiotics around the clock, and still getting by blood and platlettransfusion's. I was so sick i lost track of if was day or night, and forget about sleep, none here so I am beyond exhausted. Steven has been taking care of kids with his Mom and working all day, he comes about 9 pm night to spend two or so hours with me.

Last night things turned the corner and I am feeling so much better, my oxygen lowered to a low dose and I am tolerating and after all these days can breathe wearing just nose oxygen and not mouth open, breathing like gives you cracked and dried lips and mine got so bad, have to slather them with chapstick constantly. Now today I am breathing well and feeling, fevers are gone, all my counts are rising great. If I manage my oxygen levels great today, I move to a regular room, and then hopefully not more than that I will be home. I am more than ready to feel good again.

This was a critical time and the time I have had being sick, I am so thankful to be getting better from it, this week was like a nightmare and scary.

Thanks for all the prayers that knew what was going on, they are working. I sure cant wait to get home to family and be able help out and spend time with all of my family.
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