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My LAST Radiation Treatment!

Posted Feb 03 2009 1:22am
Today was my last radiation treatment!!! The staff were very sweet. A few of the staff hugged me and then the two techs who did most of my treatments gave me a "graduation certificate" signed by all the techs as well as a "survival kit" consisting of eight different items to get me through the rest of my cancer treatment, i.e., "a stick of gum to help me stick to it" and "a chocolate kiss to remind you that you are loved," etc., etc. It was very sweet. I will definitely be back to visit them. Their kindness and generosity meant a lot to me.

But don't think for one second that I'm not still dealing with side effects! In fact, I invite you to laugh at the absurdity. I have what appears to be at least 50 pimples of various sizes - large to tiny - on the inside of my left thigh and about five or six of what appears to be pimples on the inside of my right thigh. Then...oh yeah... then I have what looks and feels like five or six boils on my testicles. Oh yeah - all large and sore. Heck - they hurt even if I look at them. I am really looking forward to completely healing from the radiation treatments so these side effects are gone!

And, really - feel free to laugh. To laugh at the absolute absurdity of it all. How many symptoms could I possibly have in one area of my body??? And it also helps to know that the radiation treatment for rectal cancer is one of the worst when it comes to side effects. A radiation tech told me that the only radiation treatments with worse side effects than those experienced with rectal cancer are the side effects experienced by those who are being treated for cancer in the areas of the face, salivary glands, throat, mouth, etc. So, it makes sense that I would be hit with this slew of side effects.

On Wednesday I go in for a chemotherapy cocktail treatment that supposed to last for three to five hours. I'll be receiving Oxaliplatin, Leucovorin & 5-FU. There's a name for the cocktail but I don't recall what it is. And when everything is complete on Wednesday, I will walk out with a container of 5-FU connected to my port. Then I'll go back in on Friday to have it disconnected. These treatments are done every two weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.
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