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My Experience Being Bald

Posted Sep 17 2009 12:00am
Today is Be Bold, Be Bald Day.
So, I wore a bald cap all day to raise money to fight Cancer. I wore a bald cap on the bus, at work, and in the community. At first, my head itched like crazy but I got over that. It felt comfortable most of the day, but at times I was a little self-conscious. By afternoon, my head was sweating underneath the cap. Eeew!
People did either of two things: 1) Politely ignored me, or 2) Stared. Those who stared usually asked questions and if not, I volunteered, "I'm bold, I'm bald to fight Cancer!"
Here are some of the comments I received
1. What's up with the 'do?
2. Oh, I thought you had a wierd hat on!
3. Do your kids have lice?
4. What happened to your hair?
5. It looks like a condom on your head!
6. Hey, Conehead... ( hmm. That was one of my nicknames in school).
7. Are you of getting your hair frosted?
8. You're bolder than I am!
Aside from the humor, there were some serious moments to the day. Like when my bus driver put his arm around me and escorted me to my next bus. His wife is a survivor and he knows what I am going through. Another touching moment was when an elderly woman opened her purse and gave me a donation. She told me she was a breast cancer survivor. I will never forget this day.
To sponsor me, Go to   by 9/30/09. Click on Sponsor Someone. I am registered as Whidbey Woman. Thanks! It was fun and your donations will make a difference!
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