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My ears

Posted May 17 2010 4:21am

A human being exists of many parts, and a lot can go wrong. It really is a miracle that most parts simply work.
On Saturday may 8th, when our  plane set in the landing, it started. Both my ears collapsed. Swallowing, yawning, chewing gum, nothing helped. The pressure on my ears grew. That was not a pleasant feeling, in fact it felt horrible. This past week I was feeling too weak to visit my doctor. But today would be the day, I made an appointment and my ears were going to be cleared. I was in a good mood already, finally, after 9 days I would be able to hear properly. The television would not have to be on thunder level and I there would be no need to ask “What’s that you’re saying?” time and time again.
It was a disappointment. My external auditory canal appeared to be clean.

It must be my Eustachian tube that’s closed. It’s not capable of evening the pressure between the in- en outside. My eardrum is under pressure, which prevents it from moving freely. Now I have a nose-spray, to clear my ears. I hope it works quickly, because it drives me nuts.


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