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My dr said I have an enlarged nymph node in my groin area, no pain, no swelling, found it on an Ultrasound checking for a blood

Posted by Joann

ON Feb 14, I had a Dr's appt, and my lef especially the calf area was hurting, so he did an ultrasound checking for bloodclots, but did not find any clots. But there is an enlarged lymph node in my groin area, so he ordered a followup ultrasound.  It has enlarged, now he want s a CT scan.  i have no pain in that area, and have had blood workup done in Feb, that was all olay except high cholestrol.  What could he be looking for>
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I had a similar lymph node enlargement several months after being diagnosed with Melanoma. I "knew" I had suffered a recurrence but I hadn't. Just an enlarged lymph node but I did manage to scare myself a lot. On the other hand, I think everyone should get such things checked. For me it doesn't matter what the Dr. is checking for in part because no one understands the body all that well. That said, get it checked, don't take chances.
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