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My Daddy Has Colon Liver & Lung Caner

Posted Dec 26 2008 3:57pm 4 Comments

My Dad was diagnosed a few weeks ago with Colon Cancer.  A large tumor in the lower part of his colon.  2 days later we got the results from the scan that it has spread to his liver and one lung.  His tumor is too large to remove surgically right now, hopefully it can be shrunk with chemo.  My world has been turned upside down, my heart broken.  He is only 53 years old.  He had his first chemo treatment Monday, and had his bag removed on Christmas Eve.  (a pack he wore that gave him chemo for 48 hours through his port from the way I understand it.)  I need to hear a success story, please.  I am so scared.  I am in shock, it just doesn't seem possible, he is a super healthy man, doesn't smoke.  He works as a timber faller, and my entire life, other then the sniffles, I have never seen him sick.  My Grandma (his mom) and My Aunt (his sis) both died at young ages of cancer.  My Gram of breast cancer at age 62, and My Aunt of pancreas cancer at age 58, in both cases of course, the cancer spread like crazy.  They did not catch it early, and it appears, neither did my dad.  His only sympton was blood in his stool and diarreah, or at least thats what he says.  I have looked over the lists of symptoms for colon cancer, and none of the others seemed to appear in my dad, or we would have noticed...  He may just have not told us in order not to worry my mom, sister and I.  I am so worried right now that he is not telling us the truth about everything, trying to protect us.  I want to know what to expect, survival rate, stage, I want to know everything but I get so many mixed answers on the internet. 

I need hope.  I want to believe he is going to fight this and be fine in 6 months, cancer free.  But I'm also scared of having my head in the clouds, and not understanding how serious this is.  I am trying to stay positive, and I have not let Dad see me cry, but inside, my world has came crashing down around me.  All that mattered before this diagnoses, matters very little anymore.  My dad is what matters now, not the economy, not the grocery list or the laundry.  It has put things into perspective for me, and I am ashamed of myself for letting the "little things" seem so big before.  I have never prayed so hard in my life, for a cure.

Thanks for listening.  Renee

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I will pray for you and your father. My aunt started with colon cancer, immediately we found out that it spread to her liver. She has been doing the chemo for almost a year now. We found out today, after her last random gallbladder surgery, that it has now spread to her lungs. It was like being hit by a train. The doctor just told us that she was looking better and that her liver was starting to improve. I am a deeply faithful person and I know we may not understand the path that God has laid out for us,  but I do believe with faith and hope anything is possible. I have read stories that people have received a 2 month survival outlook and they live to be 90? It soley depends on how much that person wants to live and the grace of God. I will continue to pray for you and your Dad. If you ever have a chat with God can you please pray for my Aunt Anna Lopez, she has a 2 year old daughter who really needs her and we all really need her to be okay.



hi renee

this is really weird i just found out about my dad about a month ago and here i am crying trying to look up similar stories and what im reading from your post is like im saying it myself. my dad just turned 53 too and up until 4 months ago he didnt show any symptoms , i noticed when he looked like he aged 10 years in a week and complained about  blood in his stool and diarreah too, then i told him if he refused to go to the doctors i wouldnt talk to him ( sounds bad but i knew he didnt look good and knew that would be the only way he would go) so yesterday he went for an MRI and it has spread to the lungs and liver , they told him that he has had the cancer untreated for over 10 years . i have no clue what that means for him and he wont tell me anything, and i think even if he was told just awhile left he still wont tell me. i was just crying to my gf telling her that he hasnt saw me cry either , when i found out from my cousin i went to see him and breifly mentioned that i knew and told him we dont know much and everything could work out amazing . my poor mom has to see me cry every time i think about him or after i see him and i dont know if something happens tomorrow if i'll regret not letting him see me cry and hug him and tell him i love him and i know it must be scary but it seems like the few days i acted strong he looked alot happier and better knowing that i was okay. so i dont want him to be upset if he see's me crying. i dont know if your situation is the same with how close you and your dad are , but my parents divorced when i was 3 ( im 22 now) and i think half of my pain and crying comes from all of our arguements or fights which were caused by me mostly over things that were stupid and i cry because i feel if something does happen tomorrow maybe i shouldnt have spent so much time with my bf or picked up the phone more often because his time now might not be long. and it kills me more now because our relationship shouldnt be ' precious' because hes sick , i should have always cherished him no matter what and had that bond with him that im finally getting with him now , but i realize now when your young you dont really think about things happening to people you love and how you really should live your life as if it were your last and let the little things just go about being that...little things ,  but hopefully everything works out and we can have some more good memories, [please let me know how your dad is doing or if you know anything else about what the chances are of fighting it , thanks alot  andrea


my first round with colon cancer was when I was 44,  stage 4, I had one surgery to remove a 30 cm tumor with met to my liver they didn't remove the mets to the liver because the Rad that looked at my CT scan said it wasn't and guess what after surgery and chemo those tumor in my liver started to grow spread to my lungs and pelvis know Im back on chemo hoping with alot of faith that the tumors will shrink so I can get surgery to remove them all. so all I have to say is fight and have faith so hang on, we have to change the stats for colon cancer stage 4, I have read the new stats from 2005 to 2010 are saying we have a 30% survival which is better then befor. So we all have to be strong to increase this number and give other cancer patents hope god is with us always.


my dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2005 went to his colon now in his liver.  they have put him in hospice 3 -6 months.  we have seen such a decline in the last few weeks, now his stomach is beginning to swell.  they did an ultrasound this morning to see if it is fluid, but it is not.  they said that it is his organs being pushed against the wall of his stomach.  has anyone ever encountered this and what was the outcome?  I know he is losing his fight, but don't know how long he has at this point?  this has occured over the last few days, pain is very mild.  thank you all for comments.
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